Playlist: 1. A Quito 2. Lonely People 3. Hero 4. Shadow Prints 5. That Day 6. Stood Me Up 7. Luigi's Theme 8. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love

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Alsamarol 2057 are experienced musicians and  we want to introduce to the world  our raw ‘street sound’. Our music is essentially the bending and blending of Jazz, R&B, Blues, Soul, Funk, Gospel, and a strong Latin and African influence. It is the unique sound that is born from an impromptu gathering of street musicians who play various styles and speak different languages. 

The group consists of Allen Burnett – Group Founder / Guitar. Known as ‘Big Al’; Samuel Clark – Songwriter, Arranger, Author, Producer, Publisher, Saxophone Player; Eva Marie Harris – Keyboard / Vocal.  Known as the ‘Teacher’; Robert Turner – Songwriter, Arranger, Publisher, Keyboard / Vocals;  Edwina Jones – Drums / Vocals; Ed Washington - Bass/Vocals and Denice Darcell Bradsher - Vocals.

This is music from our hearts to your hearts.

Contact Denice Bradsher and/or Sam Clark for bookings