DDB Productions LLC provides Afrocentric products and diverse services with the highest level of quality, selection, service, and delivery.

Our Mission is to strive to bring Afrocentric products to our Black communities by working with various groups, churches and organizations to uplift and inspire. Our mission is to bring positive images of African Americans to homes, schools and offices everywhere!

Denice Darcell Bradsher is the Owner of DDB Productions LLC. She is an entrepreneur, singer, and event organizer. Denice is a creative thinker who is extremely organized and focused on product results – a natural “goal digger”!

As a Jersey Girl, Denice has lived in Jersey all of her life. DDB Productions LLC is a home based business which allows Denice to sell her products on various online sites and via social media. She started DDB Productions in 2005, and has since expanded to cover a variety of activities as well as products. Throughout the years, in her present full time job, Denice was reminded that there was no place for advancement. She began to realize that she was getting older, living single, and needed to start focusing on her future.

For Denice, Black entrepreneurship already has great impact. We, the Black community, have to believe in ourselves, united and support our own. Our ancestors made this country what it is – a rich and vibrant nation full of extremely intelligent and gifted people. We are our ancestors’ wildest dream!
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