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Steeping and Soaking Designer Shower Curtain will add dimension to your home. Brighten up your bathroom with the latest addition to our African American Home Collection. Uplifting Black Art for your home like you have never seen, this water repellent polyester fabric shower curtain dries quickly while adding style to your bathroom.  Shades of Color loves providing  uniquely designed shower curtains that makes your daily showers that much more comfortable.  Our Steeping and Soaking Designer Shower Curtain are easy to hang and come with rustproof metal grommets.  Mold, Mildew and Soap Resistant, will keep you inspired by our line of affordable African American Shower Curtains. Includes 12 Plastic Hooks. 

Steeping and Soaking Memory Foam Floor Mat is perfect for the Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Indoor Entrance, etc. Crafted with a polyestor top that is extra soft to the touch, with memory foam filling that contours to the foot. Non-slip backing holds mat in place for safety. Size: 29.5 x 17.7 x .625.  Our ethnic floor art is high quality, and each memory floor mat screams uniqueness with the variety of Afro-centric styles. Our Steeping and Soaking Memory Foam Mat last long periods of time, are simple to clean, and are super original.