Hand washable and suitable for daily use, the adjustable ear straps & nose clip customize for the perfect fit on a variety of faces. Insert replaceable multi-layer filter for additional protection. Size: 8.6 x 5.5 • Includes 1 washable masks & 1 replaceable filter. • Front-side polyester & back-side soft cotton with filter pocket. • Anti-sticking, skin-friendly and adjustable for maximum comfort and best sealing effect. • PM2.5 filter with 5 layers: 2-layer non-woven cloth, 2-layer melt-blown filter & 1-layer activated carbon filter. • Filters are most effective average 3 to 4 days and should be discarded once wet. • Protection from dust, pollution, vehicle exhaust, sandy air, second-hand smoke, etc. • Suitable for work, school, shopping, running , exercise and other outdoor activities. • Satisfies public face covering requirements. • Not for medical use. Hand washing cloth mask daily recommended. FILTER BENEFITS: These high quality PM2.5 HEPA mask filters are made with 5 layers of high grade materials, which protect you in different ways: Layer One of non-woven cloth blocks larger airborne particles, such as pollens. Layer Two is made out of melt blown cloth, the same material used in respirators and surgical masks you’ve been hearing about. This material is very special because it blocks finer particles from coming in, while also allowing the air to go through, allowing you to breath. Layer Three is made out of activated carbon, a material used in a lot of mask filters for its efficiency in absorbing and clearing fine pollutants. Layer Four is also made out of melt blown cloth, for any particles that would remain. Layer Five which is closest to your mouth is made out of comfortable anti-static non-woven cloth

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